Flat Rate vs Rate Per Ton

Flat Rate Bin offers the best prices and transparent flat rate rental fees. We make your planning and budgeting simple and easy – drop off, pickup and disposal – everything is included in one simple flat rate fee. Get your Flat Rate Bin today and do not pay a cent more! See the advantages of Flat Rate Bin compare to other companies in the market who charge per ton.

Flat Rate

(How Flat Rate Bin works)

  1. Choose your bin size. We offer the most popular garbage container sizes that fit any garbage disposal need: from small 6-yard to 16-yard bins.
  2. Book your bin. Simply give us a call or submit your quote request online in 2 minutes (get $5 off when requesting your online) and that’s all it takes.
  3. Receive your bin. We work after-hours to ensure the on-time delivery for our customers.
  4. Bin pickup. We will pick up the bin on the day we agreed and we will take care of all your garbage.
  5. Payment. You will need to pay only one simple fee – FLAT RATE, as per our standard price list. No additional fees for the garbage weight, type or disposal.

For example, our 10-yard bin costs $300. If you order it, you would need to pay only $300 at the time of a bin pickup from your location to a disposal center. All our prices include delivery, pickup, up to one week rental and disposal of the garbage already.

By choosing a Flat Rate Bin, you will never have to pay a cent more for the garbage. It simply saves you money and nerves.

Per Ton

(How other companies work)

  1. Choose your bin size. Pick the bin that fits your needs.
  2. Drop off fee. You will have to pay a bin drop off fee right away ($120- $200).
  3. Receive your bin. The company will drop off a bin you have ordered.
  4. Bin pickup. The company will pick up your bin at the agreed date.
  5. Disposal fee. You will be charged additional $90-$120 per ton when pin needs to be picked up.

For example, if you order a 10-yard garbage bin, you would need to pay only $150 for drop off. Then you will be charged $350 for the weight of 3 ton. The total amount will come to $500!

Basically, renting a bin per ton is much more expensive than with the flat rate.


**(Get $5 off when requesting your quote online)**
NOTE: Certain restrictions apply. Taxes are additional to all prices.